Why does the web need accessFind?

accessFind enables people with disabilities to access the huge potential the internet has to offer.

The accessibility gap

When looking for services, products, or information online, most people use a search engine. But since less than 2% of websites are accessible to people with disabilities, the chances of the disability community finding accessible search results is slim to none.

The result? We now have a colossal accessibility gap that denies people with disabilities from experiencing opportunities and options just like everyone else”.

The solution

There are several hundred thousand accessible websites, a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of millions inaccessible websites. That being said, this is still a significant amount of services, online stores, and informational websites that web users with disabilities would, and should, use today if they knew where to find them.

accessFind is a search engine that will display only accessible websites in the search results.

How does accessFind work?

The standard search experience, but with a wide variety of accessible results for different products, services, or information.
  • How do websites get listed on accessFind?

    All accessible websites are welcomed on accessFind. If you have an accessible website or know of an accessible website, and want it to be featured on the search engine, list the website today!

  • How does accessFind determine accessibility?

    Website accessibility is determined by several methods such as free automated testing tools like aCe and AXE, and manual community-based testing and vendor forms.

  • How does accessFind improve over time?

    accessFind was built with the community, for the community. Constant feedback from founding members and their communities is key to implementing new features, improvements, and ideas.

  • Which disabilities does accessFind provide for?

    accessFind lists websites that adhere to WCAG 2.1 Level AA. Therefore users with most types of disabilities, whether physical, visual, or cognitive, can use accessFind.

accessiBe’s Vision

accessFind is powered by accessiBe, the leader in web accessibility automation. accessiBe's vision is to make the entire internet fully accessible to people with disabilities by 2025. accessFind is one of the steppingstones towards achieving this goal.

accessFind was built with the disability community, for the disability community

The only way to bridge the accessibility gap is by working together to raise awareness and educate businesses.
  • accessiBe

    accessiBe is committed to bridging the accessibility gap by developing high-tech solutions that make web accessibility more simple and affordable, and by raising awareness and educating businesses.

  • Disability-focused organizations

    Organizations serving disability communities are the heart and soul of influencing solutions to address the accessibility gap. These life-changing organizations drive the need, vision, features and solutions

  • The business community

    Businesses must learn about the importance of accessibility and inclusion. By making their online presence accessible, businesses can reach untapped customers and engage new repeat customers into the future.

Join accessFind's founding members

For accessFind to succeed, it needs the direct help and guidance of disability communities. That’s why accessFind was built from the get-go with the support of the most influential disability-focused organizations.
  • checkmark Have a seat at the table, participate in the decision-making process and drive accessFind’s initiatives and projects
  • checkmark Represent your community, share voices within, contribute feedback, and spread the word
  • checkmark Have a spotlight on your organization and be featured in accessFind promotions, assets, and materials